Iron Empires

Major Powers

The Imperial Federation has collapsed into eight factions known as the Iron Empires. The majority of humanity lives on a world belonging to one of these groups.

Darikahn Empire

The strongest of the Iron Empires and controller of the Imperial Capital: Earth. The Darikahn claim to be the rightful rulers of the Empire, a claim disputed by everybody. They have been so focused on defeating their rivals that they have not noticed as the Vaylen pick off their worlds one by one.

Gozagin Empire

The Gozagin are direct descendants of the imperial line and make a rival the Darikahn’s claim to the throne. While they have the strongest claim to the throne, they are militarily weak with many autonomous Dukes within their territory who pay the Gozagin Emperor little more than lip service. With the Vaylen chipping away at their territory, the Gozagin have little chance of defeating the Darikahn.

Karsan League

Not everyone is oblivious to the Vaylen threat. The Karsan League consists of worlds that have set aside their differences and ignore the fighting for the throne in favor of resisting the Vaylen. United against a common enemy, the Karsan League has become rich and technologically advanced as the worlds share ideas and resources. But will it be enough to stop the Vaylen threat?

Kudus Theocracy

The primary church of the Iron Empires, the Mundus Humanitias, has managed to carve out a small set of worlds for itself to ensure its survival.

Dunedin Worlds

Comoran Worlds

Casiguran Matriarchy

Urean Worlds

The Void

Any part of space not controlled by one of the Iron Empires is considered to be part of the Void. While much of the Void is now controlled by the Vaylen, their are still many Human worlds who have managed to gain independence from the Iron Empires. Such worlds tend to exist in the border regions of the Iron Empires where the civil war prevents the various factions from gaining a solid hold these worlds allowing the local ruler to reign free.

The Independent Border Worlds

The Vinkanse Arm

The Phraesian Arm

The Shattered Houses

Iron Empires

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