Asabi Delta

Located in the void between the Darikahn Empire and Karsan League. A former member of the Darikahn Empire that was expelled when its resources dried up. A recent find of new resources has brought an interested Darikahn Empire back as well as interested representatives from the Karsan League looking for a new acquisition.

Asabi Delta is tidally locked to its sun with a narrow habitable band. It is mostly barren rock except the habitable band which is Earth-like.

Asabi Delta is a low index world. Its primary export is raw materials, mostly minded from the uninhabitable parts of the planet. All fruits and animals (livestock or pets) require quarantine to preserve the worlds fragile ecosystem. Regulations are moderate.

The planet is governed by a puppet Imperial Stewardship propped up by the local nobles. The nobles control the planets military, which is consists of their collective armies of lords-pilots. The only exception is a small honor guard for the steward composed of Kerrn.

Other powers on the world consist of:
  • A significant Kerrn population
  • Organized crime
  • A small branch of the circle of 1000 established by the Karsan League
  • A powerful sect of the church

The people of this world are indifferent to the Vaylen. This is largely due to the vocal campaign of the church to downplay any Vaylen news to “divine retribution”.

Asabi Delta

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