Xeviana Lucius


LIFE PATHS: Son of a Gun, Foundation Student, Psychologist, Psychologist, Speaker, Speaker, First Speaker.

AGE: 60

STATS: Will 6, Perception 6, Agility 4, Speed 4, Power 1, Forte 3

ATTRIBUTES: Circles 3, Resources 11, Steel 9, Mortal Wounds 8


Tarran Ilyandis must be prevented from taking a position of power. They Vaylen will surely worm their way in with him in charge.”

“I will do whatever I can to stop the Vaylen threat; If I’m to die in the process, at least it’s finally over.”

“There is no such thing as ‘too much information’. To not have all the facts is to walk into battle with an empty gun.”


Always protect children.

Never trust anyone but yourself.

Always speak the truth.

SKILLS: Oratory 5, Administration 5, Ugly Truth 5, Psychohistory 4, Persuation 5, Psychologist-wise 3, Inconspicuous 3, Circle of 10,000 Wise 5, Soothing Platitudes 5, Apprentice-wise 3, Foundation-wise 3, Conspicuous 6, Psycology 5, Research 5, Rhetoric 4, History 3, Advanced Math 3, Artillery 3, Bargaining 3, Command 3, Driving 2, Extortion 3, Assualt Weapons 2

TRAITS: Turncoat (Char), Weight of the Galaxy (Dt), Psychologists Code (Dt), Fearless (Dt), Bright Mark (Dt), Burned (Dt), Eerily Confident (C-O), Distortion Monkey (C-O), Booming Voice (C-O)


  • First
  • Second
  • Third
  • etc…


  • Karson League (3d)


  • Karson League (2d)


  • Tarran Ilyandis (Evil Pychologist)
  • Gaius Mal Lucius (Husband)

Xeviana Lucius (nee Marna) was born to parents Kiefer and Samantha Marna on the spaceship they worked on which ferried between the Karson League and the Gonzagin Empire. Upon discovering that Xeviana bore the Bright Mark, they left her at the Karson League so that she would be trained. Her parents both died shortly after during a Vaylen invasion of a planet the ship had been visiting.

She met her husband Gaius Mal Lucius during her time training to be a Psychologist. He was a soldier charged in the protection of the students. They married when she was 27 and they had son, Val, by the time she was 32. However, while on a trip away from the Karson League with his father to a neighbouring planet, her then 8 year old son was killed by people fearing the Bright Mark he had recently acquired. Her and Gaius separated shortly after, and she still blames him for her sons death to this day.

Now Xeviana works as a diplomat on Asabi Delta trying to raise awareness of Psychologists and the Karson League, but her faith in life is stretching very thin…

Xeviana Lucius

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