Garret Tavis

Prince banished from his home planet because it was taken over by the Valen. Hammer Lord.


LIFE PATHS: Hammer Lord, Lord-Pilot Hammer, Arminger, Coeptir, Born to Rule

AGE: 32

STATS: 5 Will, 4 Perception, 6 Agility, 3 Speed, 4 Power, 3 Forte

ATTRIBUTES: 2 Circles, 9 Resources, 7 Steel, 9 Mortal Wounds


My people must be protected from any threats, internal or external. I must retake my planet and claim my throne.

The Church is the foundation or moral society, but their teachings have been perverted. It must be cleansed from within.

Negotiations are best made at the end of a gun. The Valen must be driven from our galaxy through a show of force.


Never back down from a fight.

Never give an order I wouldn’t follow myself.

Always protect the weak.

SKILLS: 5 Strategy, 2 Pilot, 3 Assault Weapons, 3 Close Combat, 5 Etiquette, 5 Tactics, 2 Helm, 2 Hammer Wise, 5 Command, 2 Iron Artifice, 2 Oratory, 2 Field Dressing, 2 Instruction, 2 Craft(woodwork)

TRAITS: Hammer Lord, Corvus and Crucis, Anvil Trained, Mark of Priviledge, Your Grace, Artisan (Dt), (C-O), Agnostic (Char), ...


Garret Tavis

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