Polyxena ex Aurora Par

A hostile and aggressive member of the ruling council of nobles.


LIFE PATHS: Court Lord, Chamberlain, Chamberlain, Justiciar, Constable, Anvil Lord, Lord-Pilot Anvil, Armiger, Coeptir, Born to Rule

AGE: 67

STATS: Will 6, Perception 4, Agility 3, Speed 4, Power 3, Forte 3

ATTRIBUTES: Circles 4, Resources 15, Steel 7, Mortal Wound H8


"I am the true ruler of Asabi Delta: I will regain the position of Chamberlain and crush anybody who stands in my way."

"My grandson is not a pawn for political games: I will rescue him for the clutches of that madman."

"Asabi Delta is too small a world for so many noble houses: one day I will unify all the houses under my banner."


"Always carry a hidden weapon when I visit the court, even in the presence of the Lord Steward."

"Always keep my bodyguard, Togoro, within shouting distance."

"Never eat food that someone else hasn't tried first."

SKILLS: Anvil-wise 2, Artillery 2, Assault Weapons 1, Bargaining 3, Bureaucracy-wise 2, Child Rearing 3, Close Combat 2, Command 5, Conspicuous 6, Court-wise 5, Diplomat-wise 2, Estate Management 2, Etiquette 2, Extortion 3, Falsehood 3, Interrogation 5, Intimidation 6, Intrigue-wise 5, Law (Imperial) 2, Lord Steward-wise 3, Lord-wise 3, Musical Instrument (Flute) 2, Oratory 6, Persuasion 5, Power Player-wise 5, Propaganda 3, Soothing Platitudes 3, Squad Support Weapons 1, Strategy 5, Tactics 2, Torture 4, Ugly Truth 2

TRAITS: Anvil Lord (Dt), Anvil Trained (Dt), Corvus and Crucis (Dt), Darikahn Loyalist (Char), Domineering Presence (Dt), Mark of Privilege (Dt), Nose for Trouble (C-O), Stern Demeanor (Dt), Wigged (Dt), Your Eminence (Dt)


  • The agriculturally wealthy estate of Aurora Par
  • A small fortress in the estate of Aurora Par
  • An anvil battalion
  • A personal suit of anvil armor
  • A wardrobe consisting of all the latest fashions
  • An easily concealable personal firearm
  • An easily concealable dagger
  • A luxury grav sled
  • An air bus
  • A civilian interstellar hammer


  • 1D Nobility
  • 2D County of Aurora Par
  • 3D Council of Nobles


  • 3D Senior member of the Council of Nobles and former Chamberlain of Asabi Delta
  • 2D Countess of Aurora Par



Polyxena ex Aurora Par

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